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White lace agate moon crystal with rainbow moonstone pendant that has gorgeous blue flash, hanging magically inside the lace moon!

Plus a special aura crystal ball that will spray extra bright rainbows all through your space.

This piece evokes balance between feminine and masculine, Solar and Lunar energies and holds the magic and mystery and guidance of moving through phases. Slow, steady and transformative. A peaceful mix of stones for purity, happiness, joy, peace and balanced energy🌈✨🥰

Made with a special hook and clasp to easily attach to objects like bars, hooks or rear view mirrors. A travel and versatile piece that can easily be moved around.

Makes a great gift too!


Ethically sourced crystal, hand-made and reiki’d in the Valley Of the Moon, Ojai, CA

(Check your state for laws regarding hanging objects from your rear view mirror.)

Drusy White Lace Agate Moon Suncatcher with rainbow moonstone

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