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Transform energy with this stunning boho Suncatcher Dreamcatcher combo that has been lovingly created by hand and reiki’d .

For the boho, Earth Warrior soul who wants to honor and call upon the support of earth energy, animals, and all the elements while creating inspiring and positive energy that can be channeled for good.

Includes several crystals to assist with all transformative energies.

A Giant Amethyst Agate slice with stunning natural lavender color Quartz portal

filled with real butterfly wings & mystic resin for extra rainbows. This agate slice is extra special because it changes color depending on the light. It actually GLOWS when it is on the sun and it is so MAGICAL! I included photos of this rare phenomenon.

Agate is the stone of calm, grounding earth energy but do not be mistaken for its calmness, it’s also powerful enough to create and move mountains.

One Citrine point for power, creative abundance and prosperity.

One Lavender Quartz point to assist with a calm, peaceful journey.

Two Clear Quartz points for receiving and generating information and balancing all energies.

Macrame shimmer

White peacock feathers

White and gold feathers

And other assorted white feathers

This is an extremely rare, one of a kind piece. I have sorted through hundreds of agates to find one large enough to place the butterfly wings. Very hard to come by agates with portals that are big enough to place wings inside like this. Only one available.

Transformations of Light Butterfly Suncatcher

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