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Truth Stones -Puffy, Sacred Geometry Crystals that fit perfect in the palm of your hand. This listing is for the Set of two featured in the photos.

Certain energetic laws of the universe speak in the language sacred geometry. These stones have been hand-shaped into Merkaba and Metatron shapes to embody and bring the qualities of sacred geometry to your crystal practice.

Truth Stones are crystals that are meant to be highly interactive crystals with physical touch. Use them in Subtle Energy work, Meditations, Yoga, Crystal Healing, and Crystal Communications.

These Rose Quartz Truth Stones are gentle, grounding crystals that have lovely pink hue with stunning natural rainbow inclusions! They balance and support the Heart and Sacral chakra by radiating at the frequency of the Earth, 432hz which is the same as a human heart-beat. Rose Quartz is ideal for anyone who is healing the heart or working on finding or nurturing love/relationships or looking for ways to integrate and enhance their self-love and self-empowerment practices.

Rose Quartz Truth Stones with rainbow inclusions

Only 1 left in stock
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