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PREMIUM Lepidolite Crystal Tarot and Oracle Card holder in rare soft, lavender color. This lepidolite is a beautiful, soft, soothing lavender color with exceptionally SPARKLY essence that shimmers and glitters in the light!

This crystal card holder has been thoughtfully sourced for it’s unique and rare qualities.

*You will receive exactly the stone featured here!

No cards are included in the listing, they are shown for example purposes only.

🎥 SEE THE VIDEO for her unique magic!

Pull a card, 3 or 5 and beautifully display them in their own mini altar that is a crystal card holder!

The crystal card holders are a beautiful addition to any ritual routine and infuse and amplify divine messages with the energy of the crystals. 🙌✨🌙🔮

I use mine EVERY SINGLE DAY and it’s one of my most favorite mystic ritual tools.

I will often place cards that I want to connect deeper with, into the crystal holder so it can be displayed in it’s own mini altar for as long as I need to connect with the energy of the message.

Each card holder is ethically sourced, reiki’d and cleansed before being shipped out.

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Any questions? Feel free to reach out!😊

Premium Crystal Card Holder Lepidolite B

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