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1x New Customer Gift, Free Mini Plant Crystal

An extremely RARE Crystal. ONE OF A KIND

Over 50 different minerals contributed their magic to create this earth-made pink amethyst and other crystals that is millions of years old.

An array of stunning colors and elements all come together to reveal layer upon layer of earth-made beauty and magic with soft, lilac amethyst points at the bottom. Comes on a rainbow moonstone, wire-wrapped 14k gold plated 17 inch chain.

A healing crystal that will support with grounding and balancing energies of all chakras.

- I have been working with crystals and jewelry since 2008 and I have never seen a crystal with this kind of rare and diverse beauty. A truly special necklace to adorn your body with so much mystic magic✨✨✨

Made with love and reiki’d by Lindze in the Valley of the Moon, Ojai, CA🦋✨

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Reserved for Candelacubana -50 Minerals RARE Crystal Necklace

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