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This pink amethyst crystal with light purple, very sparkly druzy points is an incredibly special and rare crystal. Why? -Because of the unique shape, size and the very smooth top (with the beautiful colors!) Which makes it PERFECT for being used as a pedestal and a very functional piece to work with daily. The druzy caves that magically align at the bottom add sparkle, natural beauty and magic to whatever is placed on top! It also works as a charging station! ✨ Place your coffee, tea or water glass on it for 5 minutes to charge your beverage and receive the energetic benefits when you consume. ✨Or place another item on top of the crystal to receive the energy of the pink and purple amethyst (jewelry, etc.) ✨Or beautifully display something on top of it, for example statue of Goddess Lakshmi (as pictured here) or another crystal! Anything works!(Listing is for the crystal only)Pink Amethyst gemstone helps with selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opening multidimensional awareness. It enhances metaphysical abilities and is an excellent stone for meditation. It harmonizes the physical, mental and emotional bodies and purifies the aura.

Pink Amethyst Crystal Altar Pedastal and Charging Station✨

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