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Hand-made with love and drilled by hand, includes,

Rare soft pink colored large agate with drusy portal and mega sparkle with Quartz points on the inside.

5 rainbow prisms.

5 is strands of gold plated crystal chain.

This Suncatcher is ONE-OF-A-KIND with beautiful, natural, soft pink colors. This piece evokes gentle, soothing vibes and activates soul remembrance of trusting our intuition.

It is meant to be used as a tool for Transformation. The crystals, rainbows and symbology in your space will support your spiritual path as you set intentions to embody energies that align with your highest vision. Suncatchers and rainbows support in elevating moods and helping us raise our vibration, energetically, every single day!

Mystic resin displays rainbows when the sun shines through it! This Suncatcher is made to spray tons of rainbows all through your space.🌈

Size is approx 13.5 Inches and includes a 6 inch chain to hang.

Pink Agate Suncatcher

$133.00 Regular Price
$106.40Sale Price
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