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Created with Intention to support meditation, transformative, healing and spiritual practices.

This powerful Yantra was crafted lovingly by hand to embody and Includes,

🌈 All 5 elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space

🌈 Five golden etched moons representing the Lunar phases

🌈 Five authentic crystals including, Rose Quartz for love, Orange Calcite for , Amazonite for , Blue Kyanite for , Amethyst for . Crystal energies present unique ways to work with quantum energy for balancing, positivity, manifesting or however you need.

🌈 16 crystal prisms that radiate Sol energy and hundreds of rainbows, activating color and light therapy. Which has been shown by science to uplift mood and spirit.

🌈 The rainbows support and balance all of the Chakras.

This piece represents connection to all timeliness, all elements that make up the Universe. Chakras, Infinite possibilities, and the Expansion of your divine purpose.

It is for the soul who is READY to pay more attention to their energy embodiment. A soul who is ready to Upgrade their life. To manifest peace, meaningful connections, abundant opportunities and new levels of spiritual growth and Magik.

Lunar Sol Elemental Suncatcher

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