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Super Sparkly Kitty Plant Crystals instantly add mystic vibes to plants any space!! ✨🐱✨

🪴Created to adorn plants and indicate plant care!

~Read on to learn more!~

💛Why you and your plants need Plant Crystals!

🪴Plant Crytsals will start leaning when your plant needs water! Helping to keep your attention on your plants, keeping them healthy and

🪴Helps plants grow faster!

🪴Crystal grid your home by placing a crystal in each plant around your space✨🪴🏡🪴✨

🪴Create a zen crystal garden with multiple plant crystals in your plants✨✨🪴✨✨

🪴Instantly adds good energy, personality and beauty to your space! A conversation starter for sure!

🪴The crystals we use for this, LOVE and prefer to be in natural (sometimes wet) environments, like plants!

🪴We’ve also seen that Plant Crystals help to keep pets out of plants!! Have a cat that won’t stop digging in your plants soil? Just put plant crystals to discourage digging!

🪴Mystic Treasury is the only place in the world who makes and sells Plant Crystals™! We are the inventors of this style!

You can only get them here.

Each crystal is ethically sourced, hand made and reiki’d in the Valley Of the Moon, Ojai, CA

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We have a variety of options to choose from🌙🪴✨

Kitty Plant Crystal - Large

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