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Faceted Rose Quartz chain with large faceted Clear Quartz pendant necklace getting charged in the rainbows while hanging from the Amethyst Moon Mirror. 😍✨💜🌈

💓ACTIVATE the Heart Chakra!

💗Healing the heart,

💗Balancing the heart,

💗Opening/Expanding the heart,

💗Calling love in,

💗Sending love out,

💗DEEP self love and soul support

💗Remember your passions

💗Love and honor your gifts

A sacred talisman to support you in dropping into your heart and being more loving to yourself so you can give more love to the world. 💓🌎

One-of-a-kind and only ONE available for a great price -you can buy it from our website now.

💗🌸💓✨This special necklace is ethically sourced, hand-made and reiki’d by me to carry positive, loving, source energy.

Rose Quartz chain with delicate and dainty 2mm faceted beads (you know I love using faceted beads as they allow the crystals to sparkle even more😍✨!) with a large Quartz pendant to amplify the energy of the rose Quartz. Activates the heart and all Chakras.

Faceted Rose Quartz Chain with Faceted Clear Quartz Necklace

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