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Would you like an EXTRA SPECIAL, CUSTOM Suncatcher that is made JUST FOR YOU (or that special someone)? 

This is a rare opportunity for the woman who wants a suncatcher that is, as unique and special as she is to work with Lindze on a custom piece. This suncatcher will be created speficially and intentionally to bring good, positive, healing, clearing, magical, abundant energies and clarity to suppoort HER life. 


After you purchase, we'll schedule a 45 minute consultation and I'll get to know you more! We will talk about your goals, dreams, visions and you will be able to share any special elements you want incorporated into the piece with me. Like certain crystals, gemstones, colors, special symbols, etc. 

All custom suncatchers will start with a geometric base (or other agreed upon style) that is customizeable as well. 
After we speak, I will draft an email for you outlining the direction we plan to go so it's clear. 
Once that is approved by YOU, I will begin sourcing and creating!

Your custom suncatcher will be ready for you within 90 days of purchase as long as we are able to communicate through the process ansd I am able to source all requested stones and special elements that you want incorprated. 

**You will not see the final creation until it is ready!**
Upon seeing your creation you will receive up to 2 edit options, if needed.

Meaning elements on your piece can be moved or changed as available. 


Once you receive your finished piece we'll schedule a 30 minute zoom call together and I will lead you through a shamanic meditation journey to connect you with your new piece so we can call in the energies you need into the piece and set intentions to carry your renwed desires forward in a sacred way.

This piece will be a manifestation and meditation tool for you and I will show you how to work with it in this special way. Think of it as a hanging altar. It's energy will be radiating to reach you no matter where yuou are in your home helping to balance your sacred life energy.   

If this is speaking to you and you have any questions or want to learn more abut this opportunity, I would LOVE to connect with you! 

Creating custom pieces for special humas is one of my favorite things in life because it's such a special, magical process that unfolds! 
If this speaks to you, send me a DM me on Instagram (that is where I'm most active/responsive! Or feel free to send us an email. 

Lots of Love and Light, 

Lindze Shri

CUSTOM Gemstone Suncatcher

SKU: 0011
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