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Truth Stones -Puffy, Sacred Geometry Crystals that fit perfect in the palm of your hand. This listing is for the Set of two, featured in the photos.

Certain energetic laws of the universe speak in the language sacred geometry. These stones have been hand-shaped into Merkaba and Metatron shapes to embody the qualities of sacred geometry.

Truth Stones are crystals that are meant to be highly interactive crystals with physical touch. Use them in Subtle Energy work, Meditations, Yoga, Crystal Healing, and Crystal Communications.

These Clear Quartz Truth Stones are high vibrational crystals and have stunning natural rainbow inclusions! They also create rainbows when the sun hits them due to their high quality clarity. They balance and purify all of the Chakras and work on subtle energies of the body. Like a cosmic computer, Clear Quartz acts as a receiver and generator of information and sensations. A crystal that is ideal for the crystal novice or expert. One of the most full range crystals available and wonderful for healing support. Great for physical body work. Clear Quartz also amplifies and uplifts energies which has been shown to improve mood and support with big dreams and manifesting.

Clear Quartz Truth Stones with rainbow inclusions

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