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Butterfly Crystal Suncatchers with Faceted Gemstones and prisms! Made with a special hook and clasp to easily attach to objects like rear view mirror. Perfect to create rainbows at home or in car.

Makes a great gift too!

Each is ONE-OF-A-KIND and evokes the energy of transformation, lightness, rebirth, joy, peace, happiness and balanced energy🌈✨🥰.

Ethically sourced crystals, hand-made and reiki’d in the Valley Of the Moon, Ojai, CA

(Check your state for laws regarding hanging objects from your rear view mirror.)

Only 3 Available! Whatever color option you select, we will intuitively select the butterfly you’ll receive in that color style from our available inventory. If you wish to review and select the exact butterfly, please DM us on Instagram and let us know.

Butterfly Mini/Car Suncatcher with Faceted stones

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